Upcoming conferences

2013-2014 promises a number of exciting new conferences and lectures on the legal history of the Atlantic revolutionary era.  Coming up very soon (Sept. 12-14, 2013) is this conference in Paris, “Colloque Rev-Loi : La loi en Révolution 1789-1795. Fonder l’ordre et établir la norme,” at the Archives nationales and the Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne).  You can find a PDF of the program here.

At various points throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, Brandeis University will host public sessions of a Sawyer Seminar entitled “Rethinking The Age of Revolution: Rights, Representation, and the Global Imaginary.”  This seminar is directed by Sue Lanser and Jane Kamensky.

In February 2014, the Massachusetts Historical Society will host a panel discussion on “Law and the American Revolution.”

Looking to the recent past, the legal history of the French Caribbean colonies has been the focus of a number of  conferences, including a wonderful event (in which I was privileged to participate) on “The Haitian Declaration of Independence in an Atlantic Context,” organized by Julia Gaffield and Andrew O’Shaughnessy, held this past March at Monticello.  And a few years ago, the Institut d’Histoire de la Révolution française held a conference on law and the colonies in the French and Haitian revolutionary era, the program for which is here.

As I hear of more such events, I will post to the “Conferences and Lectures” page of this website, above.